Hey Guys !!!! I’m excited to announce that I’m launching my first blog magazine geared towards helping others with hair tips, fashions trends, healthy topics and etc. As you may already know I have a YouTube Channel called Touch By Chel, Where I showcase my natural hair journey from transitioning to now, review different products and different natural hair events I’ve attended.

I absolutely love NATURAL HAIR!!! I love the curl bounce, strength and volume I have with not processing my hair. Ever since I can remember my hair was always long, full and healthy as a child. I then reached my teenage stage and the thing to do was get a relaxer and have straight hair. So from the age of 13 and on I relaxed my hair. One day I say a picture of myself as a child realized how thick my hair was. I reached back, touch my hair and notice  how thin my hair was from all the relaxers and color jobs over the years. My hairstylist suggested I shouldn’t relax my hair anymore and let it grow out. So I did.

From that point on I decided I’M DONE!!! And now Two years later my hair has grown a lot from my big chop in August 2014. Im very excited about my results and I’m here to share !!!! On my Youtube channel not only will find find info about my journey but also info on different fashions tips!!!

So when you get a minute GO and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for updates!!


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  1. I love it! I been natural like 2 years now and it’s alot of work. Keep doing what your doing, it’s great to get tips from someone you know. By the way, im secrectly jealous of your curls. lol!

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  2. Happy Birthday Lady!
    Wish you all the best with your channel/blog. I love all the topics you cover and seeing it all from diffrent perspectives. Keep doin you n #StayNatural !! ♡☆♡☆♡


  3. Happy Birthday Lady! wish you all the best with your channel / blog. I love how you are talking about so many topics with all different perspectives…#StayNatural
    Keep. Doing. You
    Much love, Sammi G! ☆♡☆♡


  4. Very nice Chel I would love You determination pls keep it up the awesome work. Pls post ur hair pics and ideas on The Black Networking Experience group. ..

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