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So I started using Deva Curl Products again a few months ago and I have to say I’m still in love with this line. I can’t begin to express how much my curls love it.

The Devacurl No-Poo Decadence leaves my hair clean, shiny, soft and smelling good.



  • Hair looking soft and silky
  • Its gently cleanses and lightly exfoliates
  • leaves hair smelling great
  • 100% Sulfate, Paraben and Silicone free


The Devacurl One Condition is absolutely amazing. It leaves my curls bouncing, soft and shiny. It also makes for a great leave-in conditioner and detangler. So many uses for one product.

as seen on my instagram page @Chellylove86


  • 100% Sulfate, Paraben and Silicone free
  • Ultra Hydrating
  • Delivers more moisture and strength
  • Multiple uses leave-in and detangler


instagram.jpg : Chellylove86




The Deva Curl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler Cream makes styling my hair a breeze
especially my wash and goes.

  • infused in coconut oil
  • great for twist out
  • tames frizz
  • leaves hair with shine
  • smells great



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instagram.jpg : Chellylove86


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