Hey guys I’m here with another product review for natural hair. My hair needs a little bit of loving sometimes between the rough weather conditions and different hairstyles. I decided to do some research about what’s out there and I came across something interesting to try and go figure its affordable. Its called Aphogee Curlific Texture Treatment. As soon as I found it I couldn’t wait to purchase it.


  • Restores elasticity
  • Helps eliminate hair loss
  • Helps eliminate hair breaks and split ends
  • Works on color treated curls

This product smells pretty good. Don’t be caught off guard by how thick the product is because I must say it is thick. You kind of have to scoop it out the jar. I love how this product makes my hair feel. After using it my hair was so soft and shiny. I could  definitely see myself using this product in the future and adding it to hair regimen maybe twice a month. I was even able to try out a new hair style after using this product. I received many compliments on my hair afterwards. I’d love to hear some feedback, what are your thoughts on this products and have you tried any other products from this line.

Ive added a video to my Youtube channel @ Touch By Chel showing how I added this product to my hair and my results so go check that out.


I hope this is helpful. Thank You for your kind words and support.

You can find me on social media for questions and comments.

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