58% of people used music to keep themselves motivated

Lately I have been noticing the sad stories online. The stories about people giving up on life. I want to take a moment to shade some light on this topic. I really hope this helps someone out there because it weights very heavy on my heart.

It’s ok to be stressed that’s part of life, With it’s beautiful wonders comes times of turmoil and drama. We can’t let life beat us. Embrace the days and the nights, embrace the laughters and the smiles. Live life wonderfully, smile more and take charge of what light shines bright within you. Run, Jump and Lap back into life cause its beautiful and short.

Days are rough and man does it get Tough, here are some tips on keeping  your positive energy high.

What is energy?  you ask: the dictionary defines it as: the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Energy to me is all about vibration, everything in the universe is made of vibration. Keep your vibration (energy ) high to stay within a good frequency.

These are some ways to combat the drama that plague our lives everyday.

  1. Write down a grateful list
  2. Create a playlist of songs to play when you have a day you need an extra remember or  boost of energy for the day.
  3. Keep positive people around
  4. Positive affirmations
  5. Scripture reading

These are just a few tips to get you started and if you have any other ideas please share them with me. Below are some tips shared by my friends and fans.

Here are some tips some my friends shared:

  • From IG user:   Shatinaday

Challenging ourselves & exchanging ideas.

  • From IG user:     K_Cultura

Positive affirmations

  • From IG user:   hi_Im_rae

Scripture readings

  • From IG user:     nikki_513

Surround self with positive people

  • From IG user:     blackshirt_original

Build momentum by Setting small goals for yourself and knock them down one at a time.

  • From FB user:    Lisa Solaas-Tenneriello

If you rest you rust.

  • From FB user:    joe Pa Jwe


Thank you to everyone who helped shade some light on this topic.

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