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Happy Holidays 2017!!!!

Family, Friends, Gifts and decorations.

The Holidays are back!!!

Are you ready ? What does it mean to you? How important is it to you? What are your traditions? Are you excited?

I’m writing this post to take a moment to Wish everybody a Happy Holiday. This is an important time to celebrate and enjoy time with family and friends. This is a time to reflect on blessings and how to bless others with love and care. The decorations like the lights brighten our spirits and the snow brings back feelings of when we were kids. Spreading  peace, love and care by sharing hugs and kisses fill us with warm feelings but lets not forget whats important, holidays are not the only time to share your love. There are 365 days in the year and that is definitely enough time to spread love and cheer throughout that time. The point I’m making is let’s not wait till the end of the year, till Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Let’s remember to cherish the moments that are important to us through the year. Let’s show gratitude for every day of our lives. The fact that we can wake up every morning roll out of bed and continue to build and grow in itself is astonishing. Life is a gift given to us not to only celebrate during a certain time of year. I’m inspired to love life every day that I wake up. Smiling feels good despite whats going on. I always take a moment to look at the glass half full.

Cherish life, Smile more, Laugh more and Appreciate it all more.


Happy Holidays All!


Happy New Year!! Welcome 2017!!!





Its the first day of the year!!! First day of 2017 to be exact… WOW!!! That was quick. The years seem to be flying by. Are you ready for what 2017 has to bring ? Have you set any new goals for this year?  Any new resolutions ? One advice Im bringing with me everywhere I go this year is “DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY”. If it makes me smile I’m doing it, if it brings me more joy I’m doing it.

Well Way Of Life Blog Mag is all too ready for the new year and ready to spread more joy.

So many new things to come:

  1. Makeup – Ipsy
  2. Fashion – Forever 21
  3. Hair –Youtube

Im always looking for new topic and content. Please contact me with any suggestions.

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Thank You for kind words and support!!!

About Me!!!

My name is Rachel and I am a NATURALISTA.  “What is a NATURALISTA?” You ask..

The definition by is:

Naturalista : A Black female who takes pride in her Black hair (hair that is not permed or been chemically changed in anyway).A naturalista is someone who wears their hair the way that it naturally grows out of their scalp. This could mean they have curly, wavy or “kinky” hair. Whichever “hair type” they may identify with, they love and accept themselves because they know and understand that they are beautiful in their anatomy.




I define myself as a naturalista I have so much pride in showing off my fro. I love my hair and how perfect it is. My hair says I’M STRONG!!!! My hair says I’M BEAUTIFUL and I’M POWERFUL !!! I take pride in my hair and how it stands out. I started my YouTube Channel a year ago to help other naturalistas and encourage anyone interested in going natural. I love to help others realize just how amazing being natural is.




I take this moment to encourage you to embrace your natural side no matter what others may say. Don’t be ashamed of what’s yours take pride of your natural state.  Thank you for your support in advance and don’t forget to share with your friends.



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