How to sleep with a Wash and Go

How do you sleep with your hair set for the week in wash and style? It may seem hard but it isn’t hard at all. Watch this video to see how I see my natural hair in a pineapple before bed time and also we how I take it down in the morning before heading out the door.

If you have an questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
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Books I’ve Audible

Hey guys, I believe expanding your mind is important and reading is clearly going to help. Since my schedule is busy I don’t really make time to read even when I really try to. After downloading the Amazon Audible Books  I was able to listen to more books in a shorter time period. Its easy […]

Aphogee Curlific Texture Treatment Product review

  Hey guys I’m here with another product review for natural hair. My hair needs a little bit of loving sometimes between the rough weather conditions and different hairstyles. I decided to do some research about what’s out there and I came across something interesting to try and go figure its affordable. Its called Aphogee Curlific […]