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Reminder:You are beautiful !!!

A message on Self-Love…


Hey loves,

I just want to spread the word about self love. Let’s be honest beauty is in the eye of the beholder but you are beautiful regardless of what people around you may say. Now a days it’s all about the trends. “Is Kim Kardashian doing it?”  It’s all about the likes on social media. “Did I get 1000 likes yet?” Its about who has the bigger butt, breast or eyebrows. LOL maybe not the eyebrow part, but you get what I mean.Why must we subject ourselves to tons of makeup and surgery to be the image that is accepted. Makeup should be used to enhance what beauty you already have not change your face to look like someone else. Are we not accepted the way God made us.

Listen I get it, We are not perfect and maybe there are 1 or 2 things about yourself you would change, but when it gets so extreme that you or the people around you don’t reflectionrecognize you there is a huge problem. Look at Lil’ Kim you mean to tell me that she hated the way she look so much that she changed every part of herself to love herself. Why did she have to take it that far ? Why did she have to change her  nose, lips or even face period? Why did she have to change her body ? why did she change so much? These questions are hard to answer. I think about the young boys and girls that have to grow up watching this. What are we teaching them? If you or your friends don’t like something don’t worry,  just get surgery and tons of makeup. Are we teaching them you don’t have to love the way God made you. This is SCARY to me. I would hope this will not be the norm of the world. I would hope my nieces and nephews are not subject to this type of thinking.


I truly believe beauty is yours. Look in the mirror. You are the BEST  you that you know!!! Don’t let anybody take that way from you.. Don’t be brainwashed into the trends. Don’t be fooled by the nay sayers. No body is perfect but thats the best part of being you. Embrace your imperfection. Spread the word of self love so our kids don’t grow up to look like someone else.

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Clean my Pores !!!

Try it here !!

Hey guys. I think I got to a point where I was washing my face daily, exfoliating every other day and felt like my face wash still dirty. I could see stuff trying to come out my pores but they wouldn’t budge. I would squeeze those pores so hard my face would hurt, leaving scars marks (dark spots)  and redness. Even though I did this my face still wasn’t clean and I was causing more problems then helping. So I went online to do some research. I think Im on to something and i just want to share what I have found that is really a BIG help.

I got mine from amazon and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Click link below if you want to try it out.

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask


Biore Self heating mask

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Nice words !!

Curlformers 3Friends? Couples? Dating? Married? and etc, How do you talk to your friends? How do you talk to your girlfriend when your happy? How about when your sad? Or even angry? This topic came to me as I recently had a young couple call me up because they were have a disagreement, which is normal in any relationship. There was one thing that was interesting to me as I was listening to the issues over the phone, I overheard some not so nice words being thrown around.


I was taken back a bit. Is this normal ? Is this suppose to be normal? Is it ok? I took a second to process what I was hearing and had to call them back. I thought to myself would I like my husband to talk to me like that? I thought again would this person want to be talk to like that? I don’t think so.

I called the couple back and address there immediate concerns. After I was able to help them come to an agreement I address the not so nice words.

I gave them these few points to help them :

  • Use your words to lift up not break down
  • Words can escalate even the smallest disagreement
  • You wouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect them, why would you?
  • Taking a moment to put yourself in their shoes helps to see a different perspective
  • When you feel your head getting hot take a second to regroup
  • Remember you don’t want to hurt the other person
  • Remember you wouldn’t want anyone talking to you any type of way

So next time you want to say something not so nice, take a second and think about it FIRST!!!! Disagreements are going to happen but how you handle it makes a world of a difference.

I really hope this was helpful!!! Any questions please don’t hesitate!!!